We are not free if we are dependent on a check from the government each month.  The existence of  government retirement program fosters dependency and diminishes individual responsibility and freedom.

Social Security must be phased out.  This will have to be done gradually over many decades.  Those who already rely on it (or are about to retire) will still get that check each month.  New workers will be exempt from Social Security taxes.  Workers in the middle will have their taxes and benefits adjusted downwards.  Deficits in the program will be paid for by general tax revenue that previously went to military spending.

Going forward Americans will be responsible to save, invest, and prepare for their retirement in a way they see fit. 


Few things are more empowering than owning one's own future.

The Federal government has no legitimate role in K-12 education.  The Department of Education was founded as recently as 1979 and since then spending has increased dramatically while outcomes have stayed the same.

If elected my first act would be to author legislation abolishing the Department of Education and all federal spending in this area.

States can choose how they wish to handle education.  The freer states will likely move towards greater school choice and competition by using vouchers.  Eventually government funding might go away entirely, with schooling paid for by parents or charitable institutions.

How to pay for healthcare goods and services is the single biggest challenge many American households face.  Our government and insurance companies have inserted themselves into the relationship we have with providers and producers.  Disintermediation is required.

What would a free market system look like?  Direct primary care and high-deductible coverage for unpredictable major medical expenses (directly from a hospital network) are the solutions likely to emerge. 

Charity hospitals will rediscover their original purpose, that of providing care for those living in poverty.

Power in the United States is meant to be highly distributed.  Widespread ownership of firearms is the most extreme expression of this principle.

Power lies with the people.  How empowered are you?





Freedom of speech is about much more than an individual's legal right to voice political opinions.  It's also an an agreement between citizens that religious, scientific and artistic expression will be tolerated in the public sphere, even if it's unpopular.  This agreement depends on reciprocity.

This principle does not just allow us to express ourselves.  It also respects the rights of those who would like to listen, read, watch and contemplate.

Finally, and most importantly, free speech is a mechanism by which we collectively evaluate new ideas, prove or disprove them, refine our thinking and ultimately keep the good ones and discard the bad.  It is a tool of truth and beauty.

Any attempt to silence offensive or ugly ideas only condemns them to dark places where they can grow more powerful.  It's far better to expose them to daylight where they will be revealed as the foolish or nasty things that they are.

I am a free speech absolutist.  ABSOLUTELY opposed to censorship.  ABSOLUTELY opposed to hate speech laws.  ABSOLUTELY committed to preserving the single most important freedom Americans have.


An individual's sovereignty of his own mind and body is necessary for a free society to exist.  Adults should be able to use drugs if they choose to.

All drugs should be decriminalized.  Marijuana needs to be legalized.  The Controlled Substances Act of 1970 should be repealed.  Portugal decriminalized all drugs almost 20 years ago and drug-related deaths have decreased dramatically!

Prohibition has been a disaster.  For the last 50 years our government has fought a costly "War on Drugs" against Americans.  Like sweeping leaves into the wind, it has and will always be futile.  More importantly, it is incredibly destructive. 

Prohibition-related violence comes in many forms.  Violence within the black market.  Violence in policing.  The violence of incarceration.  This violence destroys individuals, families, and communities.  It also destroys our respect for the criminal justice system and our government.

Drug prohibition has done more harm to Americans than drugs themselves could ever do.

In the post-WWII era American military power and diplomatic prowess managed to avert nuclear war while also stopping the spread of totalitarian Marxism across the face of the earth, ultimately defeating the Soviet Union.  This is a remarkable achievement!  All Cold Warriors who participated in this should be proud.  And Americans should honor them.

I propose that all US forces in Europe immediately return home.  Western and Central European nations are vastly wealthier and more populous than any potential enemy in the region.  If for some reason they lack the wherewithal to defend themselves then sadly, those countries no longer deserve to exist.

The Middle East is no longer as important to American interests as it once was.  We continue to use new technologies to produce energy domestically.  In the near future these countries will be left to chart their own courses.  We should wish them well.  Our military should gradually withdraw from the region.

Under this plan we can hope to cut defense spending by 50% while still maintaining readiness in the Pacific and the ability to defend our home.


Luke Spencer


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